Health and safety

We work to ensure that working for DitoBus Excursions is safe and meaningful, and that employees take responsibility for their responsible job. We introduce workplace health and safety initiatives on a regular basis in order to prevent work accidents and work-related illness. We always ensure that we meet all driving hours and rest period regulations as well as all other workplace regulations and requirements.

It is our ambition to create a great mental and physical working environment for our staff. Company health and safety policy commits management and staff to developing and implementing initiatives to maintain and, where possible, improve our health and safety standards in order to ensure that our staff enjoy their work and enjoy good health.

In this connection we strive to ensure:

  • Compliance with relevant health and safety legislation to ensure that we stay abreast of technological and societal development
  • Through training, education and quality handbooks to qualify our staff, and help them flourish and experience a healthy and safe working environment - of benefit to both them and our customers
  • Maintain as high a level of cleaning and maintenance as the market can bear. Active participation of all staff in cleaning and maintenance tasks furthering a sense of responsibility and job satisfaction
  • Motivation and training of employees to actively participate in illuminating and correcting health and safety practices that in the short or the long term can lead to low levels of satisfaction, work accidents, work-related illness or other health risks
  • Ensuring that it is widely understood that health and safety is a managerial, a personal and a collegial responsibility
  • Regular health and safety inspections in order to nip potential problems in the bud
  • Continual compliance with other regulations that impact on health and safety, such as driving hours and rest period regulations, road traffic regulations etc.
  • Through health promotion initiatives we try to further improve all our staff’s physical and mental resources
  • Maintain a continual dialogue with and between staff, both informally and through regular health and safety meetings, driver meetings and meetings for other staff
  • Attention to potential sector-specific health and safety issues such as changing work patterns, ergonomics and smoking
  • Establishing a good tone and a positive work climate that builds on respect, trust and honesty
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