Corporate values

The DitoBus Group values reflect the spirit in which the company was founded back in the 1950s, and which is characterised by:

Positivity - Togetherness - Quality

  • We want all our guests to be satisfied with the service we provide and to experience their time in the bus in a positive way. We enjoy our work and we maintain a positive tone. That way, our guests and colleagues are met by friendly and positive staff
  • We consider each other as equals and none of our staff are just a number – we treat each other fairly and properly, we can trust each other and we work together to do the job to the best of our ability
  • We focus on quality and take care of our equipment and the world around us. In DitoBus we’ve never had too much, so we take care of what we’ve got. None of our vehicles are allowed to fall into disrepair – we know that a bus is an expensive piece of equipment, which is why we all take responsibility for washing, cleaning and maintaining our vehicles to the best of our ability, just as we take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously. We like efficiency, friendly colleagues and a well-maintained fleet of vehicles

That’s the way we work, and that’s the way we are.

– A part of DitoBus Gruppen A/S